So, I’m nearly ready to start putting together the companion course for the People Smarts book, and there are a few more decisions I need your help with, dear reader.

Firstly, I’m getting icons designed for the 4 personality building blocks of MOTIVATION, CONNECTION, PHILOSOPHICAL THINKING AND BUILDING. Olly, my talented designer, has come up with these, and they look pretty good, but still need…. something.

I don’t know what, exactly, but something.  Any ideas what tweaks are required? (You can email me or leave a comment.)

Then, I’m also trying to figure out the best way of putting all the stuff about how we can really understand ourselves and other people better, and stop over-reacting to stress, across in a way that people can grasp it. I’m kind of circling around the following ‘focuses’ at the moment:

  • How to defuse overwhelming stress before it ruins your life and relationships
  • How to deal with deal with difficult people without them taking you out
  • How to build loving, healthy relationships that won’t crack under stress

Which, if any, of these topics most interests you? And which would you be happy and willing to learn more about, in-depth?

Please email me, or leave a comment, and I REALLY appreciate all the help and feedback I’ve been getting from readers, recently, thank you!

I’ll stick up another notice here when I’m putting out the last call for people to join the beta testing of the course / program when I have a proper title, and we’re all clear on what I’m actually trying to do with it.

BH, it will be good when it gets there!

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