I’m in the middle of trying to get a new book and course sorted out (very rough description below) which will hopefully help people to gain a lot of insight into their personalities, and how overwhelming stress can lead to a lot of our bad middot.
The idea is to help people gain the understanding, and then the tools they need to start fixing all the bad middot stuff, including rage fits, melt-downs and depressions (amongst other things…)
I’m at the stage where I’m beta-testing the quiz – what you’ll find below is a short version of it, that will lead you to a detailed description of your stress personality, your strengths, and also your (stress-induced) weaknesses.
It’s all based on Torah, but ‘wrapped up’ in secular clothing, and I will explain more about it soon, BH.

But in the meantime, I need to road test the quiz, so here it is. This is the short version, btw, only 15 questions long, and should take less than a minute and a half to complete.

(If it doesn’t load, you can also just go directly to the Riddle page and do the quiz there, by clicking THIS)

Quiz Maker – powered by Riddle’d love your feedback on this, if you have any. Either leave a comment, or email me (my comment form doesn’t seem to be working any more, apologies to anyone who has tried to get hold of me that way.)
The People Smarts Book and Course is coming soon!!
The “People Smarts” system has been developed from a synthesis of 10 years of research combining cutting-edge research with ancient wisdom to create a unique personality typology based on the four main personality building blocks of: MOTIVATION, CONNECTION, PHILOSOPHICAL THINKING and BUILDING.
The People Smarts system will help you to identify why unhelpful reactions to stress are happening, and then give you an easy-to-follow blueprint to get things back under control. As part of that process, you’ll learn how to:
•           Identify your main ‘People Smarts’ personality type
•           Change your stress pattern over time, and defuse unhelpful stress build-ups
•           Understand how and why you react to stressful situations the way you do
•           Deal with other people’s over-reactions to stress
•           Maximize your true personality potential; and
•           Develop loving, balanced and healthy relationships in every area of your life.
It’s time to take back control of your life and relationships, and to stop stress from running the show! People Smarts unique, tried-and-tested approach will teach you how to:
•           Choose to walk away instead of getting into a fight
•           Boost your motivation levels to achieve your goals and dreams
•           Create clear boundaries and fearlessly police them
•           Defuse depressed feelings before they pull you under
•           Learn how to communicate in a way that other people can relate to
•           Understand what really makes you – and other people – tick.
*It’s time to get People Smarts.*

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