Things are quiet on the blog at the mo, as I’m beavering away here on the book, and I’m about to jump in to the companion course, too.

The book is probably going to be called:

People Smarts: How to understand yourself, relate to others, and stop over-reacting to stress.

I’m very happy to get any feedback on the title, feel free to either email me, or leave me a comment below.

Part of this book is a 16 ‘stress personality’ typology, which helps to explain how our personalities can be shaped by our reactions and over-reactions to stress.

The good news is that once we understand what’s sparking off an intense and often intensely-unpleasant and unhelpful reaction to stress, we can then learn how to spot our ‘stressors’ before they totally torpedo us, AND also start to learn how to balance out our default reactions to stress, so that they’re more appropriate and proportionate.

So, in terms of next steps, in the next few days I hope to put up a basic version of the personality quiz here, and again, I’m very happy to have your feedback.

And then I’m beginning the course, which will really focus-in on the HOW.

HOW to understand and like ourselves, even when we keep over-reacting, blowing up and melting down.

HOW to start relating to other people in a healthier way, which means we don’t bully them and ride roughshod over them; nor cling to and suffocate them; nor totally ignore them and disappear into our own world for weeks at a time; nor totally ignore OURSELVES and pretend that our needs and wants don’t matter.

And then the last thing we’re going to focus on in the course is:

HOW to stop over-reacting to stress in an unhelpful way.

If you’re interested in learning all this stuff (and in being my course guinea pig), please drop me a line and get in touch.

Man, I’m actually started to get a little excited about where all this stuff is going. I’ve been looking for a way to put all my knowledge across to other people helpfully and accessibly for years…. and it looks like finally, BH, I may be figuring it out!


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