​Sad to say in 2018, so many of us seem to be having interactions with people who hold themselves out as being ‘untouchable’. Often, they have big degrees, big salaries, big names – and always, always, always, enormously big egos.

Wherever they happen to pop up in life, like the home, the school, the work place, the media, these untouchables have one thing in common: they are allergic to an open and honest sharing of facts and information, and they absolutely hate being challenged or questioned.

They pronounce, and we, the little people, are just meant to bow and nod, and take all of their pronouncements at face value, turn our own brains off, and accept that if the ‘untouchable’ has pronounced it as the truth, then the truth it must be!!

Sadly, (at least, for the untouchables that I cross paths with) I just don’t work like that, or think like that. I’m very happy to learn from other people, and to be exposed to other people’s views and new information. Just, I’d like to deal with facts not dogma, and to be able to evaluate the information being presented properly for myself.

​Here on spiritualselfhelp.org, we cover a lot of the subjects that the ‘untouchables’ don’t want anyone questioning or really examining. Like:

  • The ‘broken brain’ theory of mental illness (which even the American Psychiatric Association themselves is now backing away from).
  • Doctors know what they’re talking about, and only ever have the patient’s best interests at heart. (The video above may go some way to fixing that little perception problem.)
  • People ‘evolved’ from apes – still without a single shred or scrap of evidence to support it, while the evidence proving huge numbers of varied life forms appeared overnight is frankly, overwhelming.
  • Climate change is only happening because people are burning fossil fuels.

I’ve had ‘untouchables’ come after me on all these issues, and more, and the modus operandi is always the same. I go to great lengths to source quotes from scientists themselves, and from peer-reviewed publications themselves, to debunk the topics above, (plus quite a few more…)

The untouchables can’t fault the facts – because it’s all footnoted, sourced and peer-reviewed. So instead, they tell me things like this instead:

“You are misleading people with so much half-baked junk and distortions it would be laughable, if it wasn’t doing so much damage.”

Note the severely disapproving tone. Note, too, the scary threat that I’m ‘destroying and damaging the world’ by daring to disagree. And finally, note the complete lack of any details to really prove or show how exactly what I’ve said is wrong.

This last bit is the key to successfully arguing with untouchables.

​As long as you do your homework properly, and as long as you’re sticking to the facts as best you know them, and are willing to admit when you might be wrong, or that your view might need to change in the light of new information, the untouchables can’t really touch you.

I’m very happy to fill in the gaps in my knowledge, and I want to know precisely where I might be wrong about things, because life is a continual learning process that I hope will only stop when I’m dead (ad 120).

So, this is how you confuse the untouchables:

You ask them, humbly, to show you the flaws in your argument, logic, facts or information.

If you really are wrong, they’ll have no problem doing that, and then you’ll learn something new. But if you aren’t?

​Then, they will run away as fast as their legs can carry them. But not before they’ve sent you some more gratuitous insults, along the lines of this (taken from a real exchange I had over on Quora with a Chemistry Prof from Canada, who later decided to delete all his comments because clearly, he didn’t come out of it looking exactly like someone who was interested in sharing knowledge or learning new things.)

​New Comment


Very Trump-like of you. Throw out the lies so thick and fast that no one can keep up. I might point out that pretty much every idea you threw out in that long note had absolutely nothing to back it up except lots of name calling, conspiracy ideas and negativity. Clearly, It doesn’t matter what I might say, you will have a comeback that would require more research and more time and then you’d have another comeback. None of your comebacks need time or energy because you would just refute everything I said anyway whether it was right or wrong. I have more important things to do than deal with a conspiracy theorist like you.


So, don’t be scared of the ‘untouchables’ out there. Go do your homework properly, keep an open mind, keep it respectful and be prepared for some gratuitous insults comparing you to Trump (really, that’s so mild.)

But stick to your guns, and be prepared to argue for truth, justice and sanity.

Because the people who are really interested in those things will listen, and will respond.

And sooner or later, the untouchables will discover that more and more people have discovered the art of thinking for themselves, and that they are effectively out of a job.

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