Most of our problems are caused

by over-reaction to stress

When we get stressed, we blow up at the people we love, melt down when there’s a crisis at work, disappear when we’re really needed or start panicking instead of dealing with our problems in a calm, helpful way.

Most of us believe that we’re just stuck with all these unhelpful reactions, that can end up putting a lot of pressure on our relationships and prevent us from doing the things we really want to do, and being the best people we can be.

The People Smarts Book

is now available!

But that’s not true.

The People Smarts Stress Personality System that you’ll discover in this book has been developed from a synthesis of 10 years of research combining cutting-edge research with ancient wisdom.

The result is a unique personality typology based on the four main personality building blocks of: MOTIVATION, CONNECTION, PHILOSOPHICAL THINKING and BUILDING.

People Smarts: The system will help you to identify why unhelpful reactions to stress are happening, and then give you an easy-to-follow blueprint to get things back under control.

As part of that process, you’ll learn how to:

Identify your main stress personality type

• Defuse unhelpful stress triggers

• Understand how and why you react to stressful situations the way you do

• Deal with other people’s over-reactions to stress

• Maximize your true personality potential; and

• Develop loving, balanced and healthy relationships in every area of your life.

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Rivka Levy has a journalist's flair, making complex subjects easy for even a novice like me. Moreover, the advice is clear, easy and practical. After mastering the material, was suddenly able to sail through the snags in family relationships and whatever else was blocking this reader from reaching life-long goals. Highly recommended!


If you’re looking for a system that has stood the test of time, a system used by some of the greatest Torah Sages and hinted at in Psalm 148 (in which God is praised using the 4 elements) and mentioned in the ancient Midrash Bamidbar Rabbah 14:12 (the elements are referred to in Hebrew as the four teva’im), a system that explains the human psyche in a way others don’t, then this book provides a great introduction to an extremely complex & insightful system.


The book employs a simple but comprehensive personality quiz to identify your typical stress response behaviors. It describes what these behaviors look like when they are balanced and healthy, and more importantly, when they are unbalanced and unhealthy. And most importantly, it offers practical advice on how to balance your stress responses and work towards having them be more useful and less disruptive to your physical and mental health. I found the book easy to read, and it's advice very easy to put into practice. The writing is clear and crisp, and the advice simple and immediately practical. Highly recommended.

Darin Sunley


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