It’s going to be slow posting on spiritualselfhelp at the mo, as I’m still in the process of trying to figure out what God really wants from me, and where to turn my attentions next.

But I just wanted to share with you that the seismic and volcanic activity across planet earth is continuing to pick up sharply. Usually, there are between 8-12 magnitude 6+ earthquakes occurring in any 30 day period.

Between the middle of September, and the middle of October 2018, there’s been 30 6+ earthquakes striking, plus many more volcanoes erupting – including ones like Kadovar, which were listed as ‘dormant’ because they hadn’t exploded in a thousand years.

Pay attention to the news headlines about all the crazy weather and flash flooding going on, and you’ll see that many of the stories will include lines like ‘one in a thousand years occurrence’, or will tell you that the last time something as ‘dramatic’ as this occurred – whether it’s hurricanes slamming into the US, like Michael, or flash floods killing 30 people across Europe, particularly France – was in the 1800s sometime.

That’s not a coincidence.

The last solar maximum began around 1850, and we’ve had relatively benign, stable weather for the best part of 150 years, as a result. But now, we’re entering into what could very well be a severe solar minimum, and solar minimums affect seismicity, volcanic explosions, and weather, in ways that very few people are even beginning to understand.

(If you go HERE, Sacha Dobler has a very clear explanation of what solar minimums and solar maximums actually are, and some of the ways they can affect planet earth.)

So, the earthquakes and volcanoes will continue to pick up, and that will feed in to increasingly erratic weather patterns. Every time a volcanic eruption reaches up to the stratosphere, as happened with the recent eruption of Manam in Papua New Guinea, that saw a column of ash injected into the sky to a height of 50,000 feet, that can severely disrupt weather patterns.


It has to do with the sulfur particles contained in the ash, that then bind with water vapor in the stratosphere, and become what’s called ‘sulfur aerosols’ that reflect sunlight back away from planet earth.

Grand solar minimums generally coincide with much colder periods of time, and guess what? Parts of the US and Canada got their earliest snowfalls for over a century last month, and average temperatures for October 2018 already seem to be coming in on the much colder side.

We aren’t headed into a period of ‘global warming’, if anything, we are looking at a time of ‘global cooling’. And as more and more volcanic eruptions start to occur – also in the oceans, where there are an estimated 3.5 million submarine volcanoes that are barely being registered, let alone tracked for emissions of Co2 and eruptions – that’s going to lead to more crazy and erratic freak weather.

If you want to know why so many fish and marine creatures are dying off – it’s because the submarine volcanoes are erupting, and either boiling them in super-heated water or poisoning them with localized clouds of volcanic gases.

If you want to know why warm-water creatures like whales are being found swimming up the Thames – it’s because the oceans ARE getting warmer. Why? Because a lot of the submarine volcanoes that no-one talks about are erupting, and are degassing Co2 (and other volcanic gases) in huge quantities.

If you want to know why birds are dropping dead out of the sky, why aquatic fowl were found ‘poisoned’ after drinking from lakes in Winnipeg, and why rare waterspouts are forming off coastlines in so many different places at the moment – the volcanoes hold the answer.

There is much, much more volcanic activity going on – including ‘passive’ degassing of often toxic substances, from the flanks of volcanoes listed as ‘dead’ or ‘dormant’, and including geothermal springs, mudpots and geysers – than anyone official ever talks about.

But I think as we enter the grand solar minimum and more and more seismicity, volcanic activity and freak weather occurs, even the scientists will have to lift their heads out of the sand at some point, and admit that something is going on.

And that volcanoes, and not man-made carbon emissions, really hold the key to understanding our changing climate.

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